Thursday, July 9, 2009

Social Media Users Confirm What I Just Said!

Update: Just one day after I originally posted the entry below this one, Advertising Age ran a story on the results of a survey taken of social media users by Anderson Analytics .

One of the questions they asked was: "Would you like more communication from brands?" Now, mind you, these were social media users...the folks so many brands are reaching out to in an attempt to build relationships...the folks who, arguable, would be the most receptive to brand messages in the social media environment.

The results: 45% were neutral, while 20% said yes and 35% said no. The way I read that, 80% were either negative or ambivalent about getting a higher volume of communications from brands...80% said "That's plenty, thanks."

Not every marketing effort needs to focus on building a relationship with the customer. That door may be closed and locked from the inside.

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